Tips for Live Video Streaming Your Production: How to go ‘Completely’ Wired!

For many people, Video Streaming is easy. However, Streaming a Live, successful show with no mistakes is another thing entirely. There are many factors to consider, but as I learned below, sometimes the most simple and obvious things matter the most.

My production was connected to a wireless router that was wired to a T1 Ethernet slot in the wall, but shared the bandwidth from the router with other people in the business, resulting in a slow upload speed. After bypassing the router, the problem was solved. A hard lesson learned. But, you may be wondering, why did this happen?

In your home, getting an optimal Internet connection is simple: use Ethernet. Same rule applies for business. But at home, you have far less bandwidth to compete for, as maybe you and another family member may be using the Internet at the same time. At your business, you have many more users, and most likely, a more complex Internet connection setup.

At home, going ‘wired’ into your wireless router connected to your modem usually results in a fast, stable connection. Because, once again, you are (most likely) not sharing with other users. At your business, you’ll want to go straight into the modem, or if your business is using a large T1 or T3 line, directly into the wall to connect to the server. If you plug into a wireless router that is then connected via Ethernet to the wall, other users will slow down your upload speed as you share equal bandwidth with them.

No-WifiEthernet Cable wall socket

Your business may also have powerline adapters, which are faster than Wi-Fi but slower than straight Ethernet. If you are streaming often from your business, you may want to re-think how you have all of your computers and networks configured. I follow ‘NCIX Tech Tips’ among other tech bloggers on YouTube to stay at the top of my game. You can watch their comparison demo to decide which type of setup will be best for your business office or venue.

Wireless-N vs. Gigabit Ethernet vs. Powerline Adapters.

In conclusion: Have a strong wired connection that will by pass a wireless router to guarantee the fastest, most stable upload speed for your streaming.

What does the setup look like at your business office or venue? If you have any relevant experiences to share, the good or the bad, share them with us in the comments.

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