Tustin High Schools uses the TVS-1000 Virtual Studio to Transition into Live Streaming

Tustin High Schools uses the TVS-1000 Virtual Studio to transition into real-time production and live streaming shows in this user story by Datavideo.

David Waldrum is a video production teacher at Tustin High School. He is one of the first users of the Datavideo TVS-1000 Virtual Studio, and Datavideo got a chance to interview him about his experience with the unit for one of their user stories. Mr. Waldrum has a very successful program at Tustin High School that gives students a wide range of experience in production.

“We have shaped our course to really focus on helping students learn the basic structure of story, pre-production, production, and post production skills. We have them working on a variety of dynamic projects where they learn not only to use their creativity and imagination but also how to collaborate and organize themselves as a team.”

Adding the Datavideo TVS-1000 Virtual Studio to his workflow has given the class the ability to produce and release content faster.

“It fit best for our school’s magazine style show ‘Tiller Vision.’ In the past we would always use our green screen and then have to do keying in post production. So this limited us to focusing only on things that we could produce and show delayed. With the TVS-1000 we can live stream our announcements instead of doing a magazine style showed that would be ready after the fact.”

 Mr. Waldrum supervises students during the live recording of the show'Tiller Vision,'  a magazine show highlighting school events and announcements
Mr. Waldrum supervises students during the live recording of the show’Tiller Vision,’ a magazine show highlighting school events and announcements

Mr. Waldrum and students were also impressed with the TVS-1000’s ability to chroma key in a situation like their studio that didn’t have the best lighting.

“My first impression of the TVS-1000 was that it did a really nice clean live key. It keyed much better than our old mixer did. We used post production programs like after effects in the past but the TVS-1000, live, did a really good key. It provided a really nice way for our students to interact with a virtual set and see themselves live in the background, as opposed to just interacting with a green screen.”

The new 'Tiller Vision' virtual set built inside the TVS-1000 Virtual Set Maker
The new ‘Tiller Vision’ virtual set built inside the TVS-1000 Virtual Set Maker.

Virtual Sets were also a big addition to the Tiller Vision show. The TVS-1000 has software built in to build your own sets from your own photos, giving users the ability to easily customize sets.

“Many Virtual Sets came with the TVS-1000 but the set we felt most comfortable with to start Tiller Vision was a really nice looking studio set, where through the glass we had an image of our quad area. It looked like the studio was in our main plaza and you could see our iconic tower and the administration building. Inside the studio, there were some really cool features. There’s a big flat screen TV that could have b-roll and our school logo on it. The students on set were standing on a floor that had our school logo as well. It was just a really cool environment for them to be in live.”

With another semester and year ahead, Datavideo is looking forward to seeing what Mr. Waldrum and his class does with their TVS-1000.

“This is opening the door to always live streaming or not having a post production turnaround, where if we do not stream it live, we could record and send a link out quickly. I’ve been talking with folks in our administration as well as our activities board and ASB about expanding the live bulletin. It’s going to be fun to see what ends up happening.”

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